Pollyblog: Iceland on My Mind

Pollyblog: 1. When you don’t want to say too much, but 140 characters just won’t cover it. 2. Good ideas that haven’t got their legs yet.

You know how when you buy a new car, you suddenly see that kind of car everywhere? Or you discover a new band, and suddenly it seems like everyone else is talking about them, too?

Lately, I’m having that experience with Iceland. Since coming home from Airwaves, I’ve written about my trip nonstop. When I finally wrapped up all my interviews, and “what I did Iceland” blog posts, I thought I would be able to go back to my normal life. And in many ways I have. But it seems like Iceland is lurking around every corner.

I walk down the street, and the bus driving past me reminds me of Iceland.


I clean up the house, and stumble on unintentional souvenirs.


I pick up a new tube of mascara and only think to look at the ingredients after I get home.


Sometimes, when I’m convinced that I don’t have a thing to wear and need to buy clothes, I look up the day’s date on The Uniform Project. It’s a nice reminder that taking a new look at your clothes is cheaper and just as effective. So last week when I did this, look what I found. (Note the collar.)

uniform project

Day 238. Thu, December 24 2009

Santa’s little helper

Hand knitted icelandic collar made by Bebe. Thrifted blouse from Beacons Closet, vintage suede hat from a brooklyn antique warehouse, tights from Sockdreams and vintage boots from eBay.

I am trying desperately to find meaning in these coincidences. I think I need to watch I Heart Huckabees again to see what the coincidences with the African guy meant. I vaguely remember that they were just coincidences and meant nothing.

Now that I think about it, I Heart Huckabees stars Jason Schwartzman, whose brother Robert Schwartzman was in the movie I watched last night, The Princess Diaries (it was kids’ choice) with Anne Hathaway. She was also in Brokeback Mountain with Heath Ledger. He was in the Batman series. Batman Begins, the first in that series, was filmed in Iceland. So there’s that, too.

What, you think I’m stretching?


5 thoughts on “Pollyblog: Iceland on My Mind

  1. I’m afraid your condition is hopeless. A temporary cure is to return, not ideal but the best option under the circumstances. See if Icelandair still offers ‘midweek madness’ packages in late March and April for spring break, a very interesting time of year to go. Not nearly so many tourists and usually the snow only lasts a day- except in the mountains where the skiing is said to be “best after Easter.” The theatres are open, with anywhere from 4 to 6 productions to choose from.

    • Alas, for spring break this year we’ve got tickets to see Sigur Ros visit family in Phoenix. “Best after Easter” snow, huh? That’s when the season gives out around here, and good snow in April might be enough to justify a whole-family trip. On my Golden Circle tour, the guide mentioned that thanks to climate change, the slopes near Reykjavik rarely open anymore – does that mean you’re referring to Akureyri, or was my guide exaggerating? Hmm, Icelandic theater – a whole new cultural realm to explore. Is that 4-6 productions total or in English?

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