Great Panty Caper Revue

theGreatPantyCaper300dpiOne of the things that led me to become a Panty Caperer…Caperist…to join the Panty Caper Street Team was my fascination with the interactive element of the books Coliloquy publishes. They use the data Kindle collects to inform the next book. Did you ever think about what it means when you’re reading on Kindle and a passage is already highlighted with the note “87 people highlighted this passage”? I’m half excited about the possibilities and half creeped out that you can’t even read in private anymore.


Today I’m going to focus on the possibilities.

It’s tacky (maybe too late to worry about that?) to review a book you’re promoting, and I’m not allowed to give any spoilers. So I highlighted my way through the book (I’ll go back later and reread it, choosing different options at each decision point) and I’m going to share with you what everyone else reading on Kindle can see about which passages I liked best (no steamy ones though, this blog does post on my LinkedIn page).

I set the alarm for seven. That way we can make it to the breakfast buffet before the old people eat all the bacon.

“Sorry [love interest] turned out to be an ass-hat.”

“Thanks.” She grinned, her pixieish features lighting up. “We should market a line of greeting cards with that message. They’ll have a fill-in-the-blank for the name, but you buy them in packs of twelve.”

“I think there’s a panty thief.”

“I’ve heard that. She travels with the Cookie Monster and the Tooth Fairy.”

“I appreciate that,” I said, not sure of the proper way to accept condolences on the loss of a family member’s panties.

“I think that’s her,” I said. “Same body shape.”

“How can you tell under that bulky raincoat?”

“It’s the Pacific Northwest. You learn to see the person beneath the raincoat.”

“That’s really deep, JJ.”


“Arrest her! She’s a skank.”

“Not illegal in the state of Washington, I’m afraid,” the officer said.

“That’s a relief,” said Lori.

Finally, if you haven’t already figured it out, you should always google “Panty Caper Tawna Fenske” and not just “panty caper.” You’re welcome. And to save you any other googling mishaps, here’s the link to the book giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway
and here’s the link to Tawna Fenske’s blog, Don’t Pet Me, I’m Writing.


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