Statistically Speaking

magnifyingglassI usually don’t pay much attention to statistics on this blog, but today I spent a little time trying to see what they could tell me about myself. It turns out that digital feedback can be as uncomfortable as personal feedback. But at least there is humor in it, too. The only thing more amazing than what people search for on the internet is the fact that their search led them here.

Unsurprisingly, readers were most likely to be in the U.S., Iceland, or Great Britain. The categories they were most interested in were “Music,” “Iceland,” and “Airwaves12.” Airwaves was very good to me last year – I had seven times more readers in November 2012 when I was blogging daily about that festival than in November 2013, when I hardly blogged at all. The most popular tags were “Solstafir,” “Nils Frahm,” and “Asgeir Trausti.” I’m pretty sure that I can thank Islander over at No Clean Singing for many of the visitors interested in the first two.

Maybe I should brand Crooked Road as a fan site?

Maybe I should brand Crooked Road as a fan site?

Asgeir fans, on the other hand, mostly find me by searching. My most popular post of all time is “Stalking Asgeir Trausti,” which most people have landed on through a search engine. Which brings me to the search terms that bring people to me. In the last month, the most common searches were:

wordpress panties photo

I guess that’s what I get for helping to promo a romantic comedy by taking pictures of my cat in panties.

pictures of a drummer boy

About a year ago, I wrote a post on Christmas music, and grabbed a Christmas card-type drummer boy image off the web. That image is still responsible for almost half of the search results for my site. Go figure.

introduction “brad leithauser” “independent people”

Some people just know what they want. I’m glad I actually had something to offer.

Here are three of the most interesting search terms that brought people to these pages in the last month. I’m not sure I even want to comment.

why does Shakespeare use bondage

asgeir trausti girlfriend

videos xxx pnb

To quote Holly Golightly, “The mind reels.”


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