March by the Numbers

While I am learning how to write at the Iceland Writers Retreat, here is a quick look at what my statistics page has to tell me about what I wrote on this blog in March.

The top four posts in March:

  1. State of Darkness – This in-depth post about the dance that most impressed me at Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Director’s Choice Program was more popular than my review of the overall program. I think the dancer’s mother shared it on Facebook. But it might mean that people prefer more thoughtful posts over a more cursory review.
  2. Stalking Asgeir Trausti – Ever. And always.
  3. Book Report: The Weirdness – The only non-IWR book review I wrote in March, Jeremy P. Bushnell’s debut novel was a hit.
  4. February 2014: Statistically Speaking – Can I call it irony that my February statistics post was one of my most popular posts in March? I did use it as an excuse to report on the VIDA Count, that looks at the state of gender equality in literary publishing.

I learned that people actually do click on photos for more information. I’ll have to be better about filling in the fields.

Usually the search terms are the most fun part of these stats posts (actually, weird searches are the reason I do them) but this month was pretty straightforward. Nothing was bizarre at all. Here are the top four search terms that brought people to the Crooked Road in March:

  1. gemma alexander blog – I don’t need to tell you that was gratifying
  2. asgeir trausti girlfriend – no comment
  3. drummer boy – a perennial favorite
  4. matthew renko – the talented member of PNB’s corps de ballet who danced the amazing solo “State of Darkness” that inspired my most popular March post

See you next week for a slew of reviews of modern Icelandic novels!


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