April by the Numbers

In the past few months, I’ve been paying attention to blog statistics. Sometimes I learn something useful. I’m not sure what you get from these posts, but my statistics say a lot of you read them, so I’ll keep it up.
Sometimes people click on links from other pages that take them to this blog. The three most common referring sites are:
Flippism is the Key
This is the first time that my own social network has driven more traffic to the site than the two more established blogs that link here.
Top Posts:
An Imposture of Writers
Stalking Asgeir Trausti
Decibel Magazine Tour at Showbox
Finally, something outperformed the Asgeir Trausti post – and with three times as many views! I was also pleased to see that a lot of people looked at the About page. I only look at About pages when I’m intrigued by whatever I landed on first. So I take it as a compliment.
Usually the most interesting thing on my stats page is the list of search terms that people used to get here.

Most common Search Terms:

  • Gemma alexander blog – This is the first time that people looking for my blog have outnumbered accidental hits. It’s a proud moment for me. Even more exciting is that something finally topped
  • asgeir trausti girlfriend
  • showbox market smell – This cracked me up. Of course they got this site because I talked about the smell of hamburgers frying on the grill right before Carcass took the stage, but I doubt anyone was searching for that reason. Especially since the Showbox is not a smelly venue (cough El Corazon cough), I’m guessing it had to do with something my husband told me, “The men’s room smells like fruit cocktail from all the guys smoking scented vaps back there.”

A search term like that also makes a nice segue to Most Interesting Searches:

  • ten little tadpoles lyrics [maybe because I used this image]
  • after romeo kills tybalt and flees to friar laurence, why does he sob and threaten to harm himself? [it’s always good to know exactly what you want. I guess you ended up here because I watched Romeo and Juliet at the ballet.]
  • How to make rag dolls at home [probably because of this post]

In April, I reblogged two posts from other writers, and both had views comparable to other posts. I don’t know if that’s because you all agreed with me that they were as interesting as anything I might write, or if you didn’t know they were reblogs since I’ve never done them before – what do you think about reblogging? Should I do more of it?


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