Bend in the Road

CrookedGemmaI named this blog Crooked Road after a line from one of my favorite movies, Joe vs. the Volcano.

It’s been a long time coming here to meet you – a long time, on a crooked road.

The line is delivered while floating on a steamer trunk in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Hardly what most people would call a destination, almost a perfect example the opposite of having ‘arrived.’ Joe and Patricia are floating on that trunk after having been ejected from a sinking volcano – as unexpected a turn of events as one could probably imagine. The scenario certainly qualifies as a sharp bend in a crooked road. The scene is a wonderful illustration of the philosophy that life is a journey we can’t quite plan and as long as it continues, each step of the way is as much a destination as any other.

All this is a convoluted and referential way to announce that against all logic, I have quit my day job.

We can never really know what’s around a bend in the road until we make the turn. I hope that instead of starvation and ruin I find lots and lots of freelance writing and editing – magazine features, technical reports, web copy, press releases, creative nonfiction, ghostwriting, words, words, words, as numerous and powerful as Poe’s bells.


I don’t know what will happen, but I believe what Patricia Graynomore told Joe,

We’ll be fine.



8 thoughts on “Bend in the Road

  1. I enjoyed what you wrote, but I have to point out one thing. And only because I am a film nerd and JVTV is one of my favorite films too. Joe delivers the line you mentioned above, “It’s been a long time coming here to meet you – a long time, on a crooked road.” while at the top of the volcano before they jump in. Anyways, just wanted to mention that. Also, is that you in the picture, with the tatoo? I ask because I’ve been wanting to get that as a tatoo too. 🙂

      • Oh sweet! Such a great idea for a tattoo, wish I would have thought of it on my own. I should have. Though, I now have you to thank for inspiration. So it all works out and thank you! 🙂 Anyway, no worries about the where they said the line. It doesn’t really matter, I’m just a film nerd, like I said, so I spoke. What really matters is your wrote a wonderful post, inspired by a wonderful film and I’m happy about the idea that more and more people may be discovering the film and feeling the messages and meanings that lie within the story. I wonder do you, like myself, find yourself from time to time looking at the crooked road and wondering which part you are at on it? Thanks again. Cheers!

      • I totally understand the compulsion to correct – I was a film nerd myself B.K. (Before Kids). But in answer to your question: I’m usually pretty sure I’m on the part that’s facing backwards.

  2. Ha, I just realized I replied with two different accounts. The second one I used my phone to reply with so I had to log in differently, but I’m glad you knew it was still me. Anyway, I know what you mean about facing backward on the crooked road. I feel the same too sometimes. There have been some rare times, I’m guessing this is what it is, where I’m on the straight part of the road and I know what is happening. Like I am in tune with my surroundings, my head is clear and I am in a state of “constant total amazement”, to borrow another line from the movie. Like I know what I am doing is always the correct thing and I’m almost psychic about it, ya know. Most of the time though, I’ve been on the crooked parts, and I have no idea where I’m going or what I am doing. It feels like a sort of fog is in my head, like a ‘brain cloud’ if you will, and I feel like I’m just passing time on auto-pilot. Does any of that make sense to you? Have you ever felt that way, on the straight parts and constantly amazed? Do you feel now like you have a brain cloud? By the way, that’s great that you have kids. I don’t, but I hope to have at least one, one day. Till then, I have nieces & nephews that I see quite a bit and keep a smile on my face. Hey, sorry I keep replying and writing so much, but I find you easy to write to. Possibly because you understand Joe Versus the Volcano, and I find there are not a lot who do. Those who do though, are quite a special soul. Not that I’m saying I am, maybe I just wish I was. Anyway, thanks for responding back to me. Cheers! 🙂

    • I’m pretty sure human life is mostly a muddle, but if you manage to remember to be amazed sometimes, you’re probably doing okay.

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