June by the Numbers

I have heard about website ranking before, but never paid much attention. This month I stumbled across an article discussing how your Alexa Rank could affect your odds of scoring a press pass, and thought I would check it out. As in golf, the lower your Alexa Rank, the better. Anything under 100,000 is considered good. After googling “how to find the alexa rank of your blog” I discovered that this website is ranked 17,182,514. Whatever. I’ve never even heard of Alexa before anyway.


With such a low ranking, most of the other statistics were not available, but it was interesting to note that the search terms identified by Alexa were similar but not identical to the ones on WordPress:


Keyword Percent of Search Traffic
  1.  asgeir in the silence 72.25%
  2.  neumoson a whim 5.50%
  3.  asgeir press quotes 5.20%
  4.  death metal opera 3.73%
  5.  pubs the golden circle 3.56%



At first I couldn’t figure out what #2 was. Then I realized it was a typo for “Neumos on a whim.”


According to WordPress, the top search terms leading to my blog in the last month were:


gemma alexander blog 6
asgeir girlfriend 6
asgeir trausti girlfriend 4
pacific nw ballet giselle




Although it wasn’t the best month for wacky search terms, I did get these:


Masks of omnivores


Never can tell trumpet


Boys who swim in the nude




Predictably, the U.S., Iceland, Canada, and the U.K. remain the top countries for readership, but I had to look up the Åland Islands thanks to a reader there.




The top pages in June were:


Book Report: The Story of the Blue Planet 40
My First Time 38
Stalking Ásgeir Trausti 31




Finally, no one reads my blog on Sundays.



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