Locked and Unloaded: Getting Real About Gun Safety

Gun laws are off-topic for this blog, and I quote Jennie’s WYS Words too often for any writer of original material. But this post is literally the first time I’ve heard another American make a gun control argument more nuanced than, “Guns are bad!” or “You commies are trying to take my guns away!” America has so many political nonstarter issues where actual discourse is out of the question that the country is paralyzed. Until we start talking – actually talking and not parroting lobbyist talking points – progress of any kind on any issue is impossible. Personally, I am more concerned about the fact that it’s easier to buy a gun than a car in America than I am about open carry (frankly, if I’m sharing space with someone who’s carrying, I’d prefer to know about it). But I applaud Jennie’s call for reasonable discourse on one of too many American hot button issues.

WYS Words

I was in my favorite place on earth, Winthrop, WA, a few weeks back to celebrate the 4th of July. Winthrop is charming, rustic, Western-themed town that today continues the tradition of being a hub for ranchers and farmers, and importantly has transitioned into a tourist destination for those seeking active getaways in a beautiful valley. On a busy summer weekend, every car on the street will bristle with all manner of outdoorsy paraphernalia from mountain & road bikes, to kayaks and inner tubes, to camping and hunting gear, bulging from Thule roof racks.

We were enjoying a break from mountain biking ourselves, strolling down the diminutive main drag, ducking in and out of the shops, without a care in the world- when it happened. One moment I was saying something to my 6 1/2 year old daughter, and the next moment I was staring at a gun. Now, it wasn’t pointed at me, but it…

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