August by the Numbers

It’s that time of the month again, folks – time for blog statistics! Read on for links to the most popular posts of the month and a list of intriguing search terms that led readers down this Crooked Road.

Overall page views were down from July, but still 5 times the number of views last year in August.

Top three outgoing clicks:

Top Posts:

(Note that for the first time a certain Icelandic folk singer is not even in the top 5!)

I feel like this month’s top search terms are a testament to my wide-ranging tastes:

  • asgeir girlfriend
  • choose your own sex adventure
  • anders friden loves beer and whisky
  • metal covers of opera
  • doe bay fest hipster

Extreme specificity seemed to be a theme in the search terms this month:

  • ásgeir trausti interview hair
  • laxness independent people eldest sons death
  • conan artwork bdsm (Hey, let me know if you found anything…)
  • would it be better to pay for buchardt gardens ahead of time or pay using canadian money
  • gemma alexander wicked (Sweet! [Although they are probably looking for an actress in the musical])

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