September by the Numbers

Now is the time on Crooked Road when we share blog statistics. Read on for links to the most popular posts of the month and a list of intriguing search terms that led readers down this Crooked Road.

I cheated a bit and put this post together a few days before the end of September because my top searches for the day were so delightful. More on those later, but first, the top posts for the month:

A New Hope

Lost in Translation

Stalking Asgeir Trausti

We Bought a Timeshare

Form of … a Refrigerator

I think it’s interesting that my experiment with nonlinear narrative forms in telling the world about my filthy refrigerator actually got a lot of hits. I guess that’s a sign that experimental literature is alive and kicking? Or maybe I just have a lot of friends with the hobby of identifying pop culture references.

The top search terms leading to this page in September indicate that people are interested in Icelandic pop culture in particular.

  • svartidaudi interview (this actually lives at No Clean Singing)
  • asgeir trausti girlfriend
  • opera turandot (here)
  • adalbjörn tryggvason (frontman for my favorite band, Solstafir; again, the actual content lives in several posts on No Clean Singing)
  • choose your own sex adventure (thank you Tawna Fenske)
  • gemma alexander wicked (sweet!)


But the most common search terms are not always the most interesting ones. Most of these came in on the same day:

  • what book is gemma in when she’s taking a bath
  • what books have words lost in translation
  • actress who loves penis in movies
  • nude chick in steve zissou

To quote Holly Golightly,

The mind reels.



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