November by the Numbers

It’s that time again, folks – time for blog statistics! Read on for links to the most popular posts of the month and a list of intriguing search terms that led readers down this Crooked Road.

Top Posts:

  • A Childish Review of PNB’s Director’s Choice That’s right, my most popular post this month was written by my 10-year-old-daughter.
  • Airwaves in August It was a click-baity move to put “Airwaves” in a title in early November. And it worked.
  • October Tsundoku I suppose I’ll have to start making haul videos now.
  • Stalking Asgeir Trausti The gift that keeps on giving.
  • Problems with People I was sick this month and only read one book. Apparently people missed the book reviews. Either that, or it was a good idea for me to drop the “Book Report” from the post title and review a book with its own intriguing title.

Top search terms:

  • asgeir girlfriend/asgeir trausti girlfriend/Ásgeir girlfriend
  • what happens if salt evaporate They would have found this.
  • gemma alexander wordpress/gemma alexander blog Yay!
  • icelandair I am available to write branded content. Just saying.
  • 2014 May 2014 showbox tlja magazine I can’t believe this search term was typed more than once.

There weren’t any truly wacko search terms this month. Besides the one above, the most interesting were:

  • sabbath keepers in iceland Hmm, well, I do write about Iceland a lot…
  • turandot nice replace the tenor I did write about Turandot once.
  • the hearing trumpet leonora carrington There is nothing strange about this one, but I am glad to see the resurgence of interest in Mexico-based female surrealists. Besides my own blog post, the Bookslut is a fan of Carrington, and Weird Fiction Review recently posted one of her short stories online (which I know because modern surrealist Sjón tweeted the link).

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