I’m Giving Away Small Mercies

SmallMerciesCoverI went out of town for a weekend, and when I got home my stack of mail included several books for review. Inexplicably, I had received two hardback copies of the novel Small Mercies by Eddie Joyce. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to learn how to do something new on the blog, so I’m giving away one copy. Here’s the book jacket copy:

An ingeniously layered narrative, told over the course of one week, Eddie Joyce’s debut novel masterfully depicts an Italian-Irish American family on Staten Island and their complicated emotional history. Ten years after the loss of Bobby—the Amendola family’s youngest son—everyone is still struggling to recover from the firefighter’s unexpected death. Bobby’s mother Gail; his widow Tina; his older brothers Peter, the corporate lawyer, and Franky, the misfit; and his father Michael have all dealt with their grief in different ways. But as the family gathers together for Bobby Jr.’s birthday party, they must each find a way to accept a new man in Tina’s life while reconciling their feelings for their lost loved one.

So, if you want a copy of the book, click the link beloe and follow the directions (I think).  Since this site is hosted by WordPress, I can’t use the pretty little Rafflecopter widget, but the link should work. You should be asked to comment on this post. It doesn’t matter what you say – you can comment on the blog in general, the book I’m giving away, or just say “Gimme!” or “New #1 weight loss ingredient” – whatevs.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If it works, Rafflecopter will help me pick a random winner in one week , who will be announced on the blog. Then I will mail the book to the lucky winner. Good luck! (I hope it works!)


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