Solstafir Seven


Solstafir at Barboza in Seattle December 2014

Yesterday I saw Solstafir at El Corazon. It was Mother’s Day, and I’m sure I’ll do some kind of post about that later. For once, I didn’t spend half the show trying to get usable photos and I didn’t run a narrative in my head drafting the review I would write in the morning. I just watched the show.

I’m working on a deadline today, and can’t take the time to put up a review or the essay, “I went to a metal show by myself on Mother’s Day.” But I’ve already taken many, many photos of Solstafir. I probably have photographed Addi more than any other human being besides my kids. And I’ve spilled a lot of ink over them across the seven sets I’ve watched (more than any other band, I’m pretty sure). So here are links to some of the things I’ve written about Solstafir before.

Solstafir’s Harpa set at Airwaves 12

Solstafir’s KEX set at Airwaves 12

Solstafir at the Eistnaflug pre-party 2014

Solstafir headlining Eistnaflug 2014

Solstafir at Mayhemisphere, Eistnaflug 2014

Solstafir at Barboza in Seattle, December 2014

Plus, I’ve interviewed founding drummer, Gummi twice. Once in 2012, and again last year.




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