Qingdao, the Glittering Emerald

I’ve been doing some research…

1001 Nights in Beijing 北京一千零一夜

With a little time off, we took a four-day trip to Qingdao over the weekend right before the Dumpling Festival holidays (端午 fell on a Wednesday and so the weekend was postponed to Monday and Tuesday to make it a three-day break for the Chinese). Beijing and many other parts of China had been experiencing gloomy weather for the whole week before our trip. Craving for sunshine, we decided on Qingdao as the weather forecast there looked the most promising.

Qingdao, in the Shandong province, is a coastal city overlooking the Yellow Sea, with Korea and Japan lying across the other side. Named one of the most livable cities in China, it is popular for its beautiful coastline, fresh air, quaint architecture, and last but not least, the famous brew that is Tsingtao beer. It was ceded to Germany as part of the Kiautschou Bay Concession from 1898 to 1914…

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