Reykjavik Style

My first trip to Reykjavik was for Airwaves in 2012. That fall it seemed like Icelanders wore a uniform, epitomized in Asgeir Trausti’s outfit of ox-blood red skinny jeans, chambray shirt, and beanie hat. He wore that outfit on stage for three of the five shows I watched that weekend. But for the last two shows he had a new sweater.



Later that day I walked down Laugavegur and saw this shop.


It shed a little light on the Reykjavik uniform. Icelanders, like most Europeans, have a sharp sense of style by American West Coast standards. But they don’t  have many places to shop. I am not such a fangirl that I went into the shop, so I don’t know how much the sweater cost. (Having gone into a couple of other shops on Laugavegur, I can bet it was more than I would spend on a sweater.) But I might have gone home and bought skinny jeans.


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