Stuff I Wrote Lately

My blogging has taken a hit in 2015 as I have spent more time on writing things I get paid for. Sometimes I add links to these paid things on the Stuff I Wrote page, but sometimes I forget and fall behind. I recently updated Stuff I Wrote, as well as some of the Complete Contributions pages where I get all obsessive about documenting everything I ever wrote. But if you’re just wondering what I’ve done lately, here are links to things that ran in August and September.

I didn’t go to Bumbershoot this year, and whined about the reasons why here on the blog. But I snarked about Bumbershoot’s rejection of families at ParentMap, too.

After I wrote a couple stories about movies for ParentMap this summer, they gave me a movie column! It’s only for the autumn, and then we’ll see if it draws enough clicks to continue, but I am already having so much fun with it.


Better than the Book

I usually think the book was better but for this one I rounded up a list of book adaptations whose quality rivals the source material.

Coming Soon

A round up of the family-friendly theatrical releases in theaters now and looking forward through the end of the year.

I reviewed the first rep of Pacific Northwest Ballet’s new season, “See the Music.” (Spoiler: I loved it.) I also reviewed the Broadway revival of “Annie” at the Paramount. (Spoiler: Better than the movie.)


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