What Have I Done Lately?

Enfant_écrivant-Henriette_BrowneHere’s a quick recap of not-on-this-blog things I wrote in October.

Family Movie Night Column

I mentioned last month that I have a trial run of a movie column for ParentMap. I’m really enjoying it, so please check these articles out and prove to my editors there’s enough audience to make this an ongoing thing. Here’s what I’ve written so far.

How to do Family Movie Night Right

Okay, there’s really no wrong way to do family movie night, unless you watch something completely inappropriate and give your kids nightmares and they end up sleeping in your bed for a month and in therapy years down the road because they’re college graduates afraid to take a shower in an empty house, but really, movie night is what you make it. I talked to a couple movie professionals to find out how their families do movie night, and I think it’s a pretty fun piece.

Better than the Book

I usually think the book was better but for this one I rounded up a list of book adaptations whose quality rivals the source material.

The Lucky Fin and Other Differences

With their strong visual component, I believe movies have as much power as books to build empathy. And children with disabilities deserve to see their lives reflected on the screen every bit as much – and maybe more than – everyone else. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of movies that address disability and difference in an inclusive way. That means characters with disabilities get treated like real people and their disabilities are not visual symbols for a villain’s moral shortcomings.

Coming Soon

A round up of the family-friendly theatrical releases in theaters now and looking forward through the end of the year.

Naked Law

I started writing for a law blog, and it’s been a lot more fun than it sounds. I’ve actually gotten to write about a lot of interesting topics. Here are the posts that have run so far.

When trees cross the line

New Technology, Same Old Sexism?

How to beat a slumlord at his own game (seriously, you have to go read this one just to see the picture they used).

Finally, (well, actually it happened first) I went to the Macefield Music Festival. It was really fun. You should go next year.


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