Eye of Minds Review

eyeofmindscoverI may have mentioned that I receive more unsolicited books than I can actually review. Let me pause and savor that for a minute….Okay. So often I read the back cover blurb or the press insert and think, “Yeah, I’d like to read that.” I add it to the stack and life goes on. So a few weeks ago my sixth-grader came home talking about the awesome book she was reading in Language Arts. It sounded sort of familiar. She showed me the book. It looked familiar. I dug through my stack of unread ARCs and there it was. I had been saving it for over a year intending to pre-read it for my daughter, but her English teacher had saved me the trouble and assigned it. So I gave her (my daughter, not the teacher) my copy and promised to buy her the next book in the series if she would review it for my blog. So here we are.

The author who wrote this book has also written The Maze Runner. The Eye Of Minds is the first in a trilogy. The series is called The Mortality Doctrine. The main character is a boy. When I looked at it at first I thought this book will probably be interesting because it’s written by James Dashner. I had already read The Maze Runner series so I was interested. I recommend this book for ten to eleven year olds because it does have some difficult words and at sometimes is a little scary.

I thought that The Eye Of Minds is a great book, if you want a book that draws you in immediately. This book is a dystopian book. This book has a lot of action and it draws you in. This is not a horror book but  it does have a little bit of gore. A quote from the book is “This game might just kill you.” This book has a lot of technology in it. Another quote is “The world is virtual. The danger is real.” This book has a surprise on every page. The chapters are split into parts. The first page grabs you and thrusts you straight into the story.

The end of chapters are huge cliffhangers so I don’t recommend reading this book in short periods of time. The Rule Of Thoughts is the second book in The Mortality Doctrine series. If you’re a person who really connects with characters in a book than you’ll have a hard time.  I hope you enjoyed reading this and I also hope you read The Eye Of Minds. Thanks for reading this.


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