Cell Phones in Iceland

When I travel internationally, I always buy a local SIM card (unless it’s a very short trip). Even when I’ve had cell phones with international calling plans, the roaming or international data charges were much more expensive than just getting a local card. I wrote a little bit about this when I went to China last year, but of course most of my international travel in recent years has been to Iceland. So of course I was very happy when I Heart Reykjavik saved me the trouble of writing up a post about buying Icelandic SIM cards. She’s pretty much covered everything.

The only thing I would add is that while Siminn is usually the best company, I had a terrible connection when I went to the Eistnaflug festival in the Eastfjords. I ended up switching to Nova, which for some reason seemed to work better in that region.

So, if you’re traveling to Iceland and trying to decide what to do about your phone, read this:

Why You Should Consider Buying An Icelandic SIM Card For Your Trip To Iceland



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