Rearview Mirror: Recent Writing

It’s been a busy couple of months on the Crooked Road. As it often does, change came suddenly, and I went from barely working half time to working a little more than full time in a matter of days. The gig that made the difference won’t result in much publicly viewable work, but it is oiling some mental hinges that were starting to get rusty, and it pays well – or it will, when I start getting paid. I’m going to do my best to keep up the production of regular work. Here is a summary of what I’ve been up to lately.

The first piece I wrote in 2016 has posted at a new-to-me website called Business to Community. It’s about changes to federal education requirements.

Should Education Standards Vary by State?

Children and chocolate are both close to my heart, but they should never be put together this way:

Was your chocolate bar produced by child labor?

And I did a bunch of (mostly film) writing for ParentMap.

See 48 Countries in 11 Days


Exploring Design with Kids at the Center for Architecture

Massive Monkees Path to World Championship, Now on Film

Here on the blog, I achieved something close to a regular posting schedule with 10 posts in February, and in return saw my page views rise almost to their old levels. Yay! Thanks for coming back, everyone.

I’m not sure how it happened, but folks involved with the online Icelandic language course aptly named Icelandic Online found my old Icelandic Romance post and shared it around, giving this years-old post over 200 new views.

A Martial Arts Tea Party got a boost when author Shannon Hale retweeted my summary of my daughter’s 7th birthday with her Princess in Black as the theme. A couple viewers even clicked the link to the book – I hope they bought and read it, because it’s a favorite at our house.

I was surprised that Frost Fest was pretty popular, since I couldn’t attend it myself and mostly quoted the press release. I guess that means people are interested in the same local events I am, even if I don’t review them?

Finally, I had a couple bookish posts, and was pleased to see that some people still like to read about reading – or read about events about reading, if you feel like getting meta. That’s good, since I attended Susan Orlean’s Writerly Autopsy at Hugo House last week and intend to write about it here soon. In the meantime, feel free to revisit these:

An Evening With….

Global Reading Challenge

Finally, since roughly half of my page visit came from search engines, here are some search times that brought you here:

“ballett jokes” Hmm, I don’t know any.

“no clean singing icelandic”

“making dolls” (This local artist profile has surprising legs. I should do more of these.)






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