Published in March

From the awesome

From the awesome

In March, most of my work involved endless revisions of technical documentation only a solid waste engineer could love. It’s good money and flexes writing muscles I don’t often use anymore, but I don’t think most of you are solid waste engineers, so I’m not going to share any of that here. But as I reviewed my work flow spreadsheets and invoices for the month of March, I was pleased to see that my output of charming web-based articles continued apace, and was reminded that I got to write about some pretty interesting stuff. 

Arts coverage in March was a delight, covering all things creative from breakdance to Shakespeare.

  • MOHAI premiered a documentary about Seattle’s famous Massive Monkees.
  • Seattle Public Library hosted a touring exhibit of the first printed collection of Shakespeare’s plays.
  • I reviewed two very different ballets performed by Pacific Northwest Ballet and its affiliated school.
  • I interviewed a nine-year-old whose second film was accepted to an international film festival.
  • I may have gushed a bit about the new home for KEXP where you can now watch touring bands perform for free almost every god damn day.
  • After a long hiatus, Three Imaginary Girls is back on the interwebs; they ran my interview with the indomitable Thao Nguyen of Thao and the Get Down Stay Down (whose new album you need to hear).

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about cultural appropriation, and wanted to understand it better, so I wrote about it for AvvoStories. And I wrote one newsy piece about a Republican Senator who broke ranks and shot down a bunch of bills that would have eased restrictions on open carry in Florida.



2 thoughts on “Published in March

  1. If you are interested in cultural appropriation, look at what did- and did not- happen in Dalmatia and Dubrovnik. The South Slavic region is very rich and confusing, but these people used their inner assholes to save the West from Islam.

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