April Word Count Showers


I managed to keep up a deluge of freelance output in April despite a big deadline at my county gig. If you’re interested in what I wrote last month, grab an umbrella and prepare for the wordfall.

For some reason, I seem to have been preoccupied with money in April.

Help for the Self-Employed: How to Set Up and Fund Your Own Pension, ran on BusinessTown.com April 2016

New York City Considers ‘Freelance Isn’t Free’ Bill, April 2016

Why 40% Off is Actually a Bad Deal, April 2016

How Hard is it to Sue for Student Loan Forgiveness?, April 2016


But I still found time to support local artists with a review of Coppelia at Pacific Northwest Ballet. I even played matchmaker between local bands and the Seattle Public Library on Three Imaginary Girls. (If you’re in a local band and want your music to become part of the library’s collection, you still have two more days to submit, and there will be another opportunity in about six months – just click through for details.)

And I guess I was just excited, but I posted some things in my March roundup that actually ran in April. Revisit them here:

The New KEXP Offers Music that Matters to Everyone, April 2016

Inside the World’s Largest Youth Film Festival, April 2016

Of course, I kept up on this blog in April, too. It was a whopping nine posts, but I wasn’t trying for any more than that. Filed under interesting statistics, visitors to the Crooked Road in April were not the usual suspects. After the U.S., the top countries were

  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Italy

Other English-speaking countries were several spots further down the list, and Iceland, my bae, was number 9. Don’t worry Icelanders, I’m about to start blogging about you again very soon (shh, it rhymes with pestnaflug).

Far and away most of the visitors to the blog arrived via search engine, with Twitter a distant second. Of course Google has hidden most of their searches, so I’m not sure what the real top search terms were. But the ones that made it into my statistics were:

  • halldor laxness’ home library (I took a picture of it once)
  • svartidaudi interview (that actually lives over on NCS, but I mentioned it once)
  • course your own adventure sex (my best clickbait title ever thanks to Tawna Fenske, who has a new book out BTW)
  • himalayan yogis images (I have no idea. But I did meet a cave yogi once. Did I blog about him? Yes I did.The Rendezvous)
  • semalt expert (Okay, this time I really have no idea. I need an expert to tell me, What is a semalt?)
  • promotion ballet angelica generosa (Because I love her)

What were my most popular posts in April? Glad you asked.

  • The one summarizing what I wrote in March. How gratifying.
  • Ominous, my entirely fictional creative writing exercise. Also gratifying.
  • Second Serving. Iceland interviews. Whoever keeps looking for Svartidaudi must like to reread things? Or maybe they are getting popular?
  • Through Black Spruce. I don’t know why a book review I wrote two years ago suddenly got attention, but the book deserves it. I have been haranguing my mom to read Joseph Boyden…is she treating my blog like Clif’s Notes?

And that’s all she wrote, folks!


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