Ticket Season Part Four: What I Bought

Spring is ticket season. Season ticket season, that is. I’ve already talked about the temptations of season tickets to Seattle OperaPacific Northwest Ballet, and Seattle Children’s Theatre. The truth is, I will try to attend as many performances by each of these worthy organizations as I can, but I did not buy season tickets to any of them. What did I ultimately spend my own money on?

Well, it turns out they weren’t season tickets at all. As everyone knows, my biggest weakness is airplane tickets, and in particular, tickets to Iceland. Throw in a music festival, and I am undone. Iceland has almost as many summer music festivals as the Pacific Northwest (All Tomorrow’s Parties, Secret Solstice, Ein med ollu, Thjodhatid, Braedslan, LungA). But if you know me at all, you know which festival I’m going to. Eistnaflug. The flying testicle festival.

I went in 2014 and thought it would be my only chance to go. But a line up that includes Amorphis, Opeth, and Meshuggah supported by all my favorite Icelandic bands, paired with the promise of a long distance motorcycle ride convinced my husband that this year Eistnaflug could not be missed.

The line up announcement came shortly after I landed a well-paid six-month contract, which seemed to indicated the gods’ blessings. So festival and airline tickets were bought. We haven’t really worked out the rest of the details yet, but you can be sure to read all about it in a few week’s time. Until then, feast your eyes on this lovely lineup:



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