Words of Summer

In English we say “busy as a bee,” but in Japanese the industrious insect is the dragonfly. Whatever simile you want to use, I’ve been a working bug – as evidenced by the fact that I haven’t posted to published work since April! As the list that follows will demonstrate, that’s not because I haven’t been writing, it’s because I’ve been too busy writing to write about it. There’s a lot of work here that I’m proud of – and I’m proud of how much work there is here. I hope you find something you like.

I can’t/won’t post them here, but I’m super proud of the Federal Hiring Grant that I completed in May (with only two weeks’ notice) for a small city here in Western Washington. In May and June I also prepared a Business Plan (conforming to Line of Business planning strategies) and a rate proposal legislation package for a regional public utility. Yes, it’s dry government work, but it is the work that actually (sometimes) makes a difference in the real world.

But I also wrote many things that I think people will enjoy reading. One of the most exciting was work I did in May that was published in July – the cover story for ParentMap’s July issue. Actually, it was a whole collection of stories about the Seattle Center. I spent many happy hours at the Seattle Center campus researching these stories, and it turned out to be some of the most fun I’ve had “on the clock.”

The Secrets to Seattle Center

Best Things to Do at Seattle Center by Age

The Quiet Side of Seattle Center

Sky High? How to do the Space Needle Right

Seattle Center Stories: KEXP DJ John Richards

Seattle Center Stories: Facility Supervisor Beth Duncan

A Day in the Life of Seattle Center

I wrote some other stories for ParentMap, too.

Summer Fun Bucket List

SIFF Movie Previews and SIFF Flash Movie Reviews

Four Boys, One Billy and Billy Elliot Theater Review (Hint: I loved it!)

Art of the Brick at Pacific Science Center exhibit review

Seattle Art Museum Art Stops

UnBumbershoot – What to do Labor Day Weekend

I wrote about Greg Vandy’s book on Woody Guthrie for Three Imaginary Girls.

And I did a lot of legal research, which showed up in the following stories:

Useless TSA Tactics

Reporting Harrassment

Lessons of Loving vs. Virginia

New Overtime Rules

Is Your Lawyer a Poser?

Risks of Building in a Historic District

The Long Road to Naturalization

States Are Getting Better at Legalizing Marijuana

Is Fighting Legal?

Why Marry?

Can We Sue Our Way to Better Healthcare?

Aaaand that brings us up through the end of July. Whew! I need a break just typing all that. Fortunately, this summer I have spent almost as much time in a tent as in front of the computer. It’s all about balance.





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