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I went to Iceland in April (I hope to write more about that soon) and increased my government work in May, but I am still a hardworking dog when it comes to freelance writing. Here is what I’ve written since the last one of these posts.

For ParentMap magazine:

I reviewed Pacific Northwest Ballet School’s production of Hansel and Gretel. Of course it’s too late for you to see it this year, but they cycle through, so keep an eye out for it again in 2020.

I also reviewed Seattle Children’s Theatre’s production of Seedfolks. If you get the chance to see this play, do.

It was an honor and a thrill to profile two of this year’s local superheroes: Seattle Symphony Director Ludovic Morlot and activist educator Jesse Hagopian.

I got sick of all the sniping between siblings on television (and in my house) so I made a list of books that show siblings teaming up in Sibling Stories.

And remember how I’m always complaining that no one makes the gifs I want? I really want a gif of Cate Blanchett in The Life Aquatic saying, “It made the effing cover.” Ladies and gentlemen, my 3-part feature on Pike Place Market:

Age Guide


Rachel the Pig

For AvvoStories:

People say money doesn’t matter in love – but they’re wrong. Maybe that’s just another reason to Spring Clean Your Legal Life. Maybe Seattle’s new renter law will help keep housing affordable – and available. That would be good news to separating couples with joint custody.

But while new laws are protecting renters, LGBTQ people are under legal attack, sometimes with mind-boggling semantics.

It’s not really surprising that states are happy with legalized pot,  and they’re not likely to let it go anytime soon, no matter what the feds say. But federal laws against marijuana may be keeping us sick.

On the blog:

Most google searches come up as “unkown” these days, which I guess is good for privacy reasons (BTW I just read Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother and really recommend it) but I still got a couple of interesting search terms in my stats last month.

  • are sheep killed by kollumkilli in independent people

I don’t think I answer the question in my post. I think you should read the book.

  • choose your own sex adventure

My post on interactive digital fiction is still one of the most popular. Strange that the publisher never finished the series.

  • valtari film experiment nude

I binge-watched the Valtari film experiments, but I think the searcher was actually interested in Sigur Ros’ own video for Fjogur Piano.


My review of Seattle Opera’s Marriage of Figaro in 2016 was the top post this month. I wonder why?

Second in popularity was Skipping Asgeir Trausti  about the time I didn’t see him play Seattle. Odd, because that post was never very popular before, while my post Stalking Asgeir Trausti, about seeing him play five times in one weekend, is probably the top performing post on this blog. Maybe many listeners shared my impression that his new album lacked some of the magic of the first?

Tying for second place was the only new post on the list, Slow Flow, in which I basically reprinted a favorite poem. Cool. Poetry rarely gets enough attention these days. I’ll have to share more of my favorites.


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