Memory of a Rose


I took this picture at the Woodland Park Rose Garden in June, when jackets were option and sunscreen wasn’t and Seattle was filled with flowers.

January can be tough for those of us living in the Pacific Northwest (and in the Nordic countries – hello, Icelanders!). The holidays are over and there’s not much to look forward to until spring. Kids go to school in the dark and grownups go to work in the dark and by the time they go home, it’s dark again. Days can go by without seeing the sun.

Me, I kinda like the dark. Most of the time. But I’m glad there’s a summer to look back on and look forward to.

A Very Rivendell Christmas

I usually post on Sundays, and this Sunday is Christmas. A holiday themed post is required. But to be honest, I’m not really feeling the holidays this year. 2016, globally speaking, has been a dumpster fire. Personally, it’s been a mixed bag in which even the many good things were still very hard. After the election, I felt compelled to make the holidays extra joyful this year, but only managed to wear myself out. Judging by the number of Mordor-themed memes in my social media feed, I’m not alone in this.  Continue reading

Clips Update



In November I took three generations of my family on a vacation to a remote island and I truly hope to share the details of that magical place here on the blog soon. But vacations don’t get me off the hook from the hustle, and I did manage to get a few pieces published in the past few weeks.

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