On to the Articles!

I write a lot of articles, and this post should probably be a list of them (I try to do that monthly, but life). Instead, I’m continuing my exploration of the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution comprises seven articles. I read the Preamble last week, and now I’m going to start the main text. Article 1, Section 1. Let’s roll! Continue reading


Last week I said I was going to read the U.S. Constitution properly, and share the experience here. I hope that doesn’t sound like a drag, because the Constitution is one of the most important pieces of literature/legislation ever written, and it’s actually a short and pretty straightforward document. Not only that, but many of us feel like it’s under attack these days (others would argue that’s been the case for years) so I think we all owe it to ourselves to find out what we’re talking about. We should all be Constitutional scholars. Today’s homework is easy – the Preamble. Continue reading

We the People

I think by this point, everyone has to admit that the current U.S. President has never read the Constitution of the United States. But the truth is, neither have most of the rest of us. Yes, it’s his job. But guess what? It’s ours, too. If we lived in a monarchy, we could shrug and curse the powers the be and go about our business. But if we want the freedoms of democracy, we all need to get out and vote and we should know what our Constitution says while we’re doing it. So on Memorial Day, I skipped all the flag-waving (I always do) and the BBQs, and I sat down to read the Constitution. And you know what? It was interesting.  Continue reading