Back to School Work

I’ve never outgrown the school/summer vacation cycle, and having school-aged kids has reinforced it. With kids underfoot, it’s hard to cram work in around my summertime “activities director” role. September means back to school(work) and schedules get hectic again. So far, October and November have been my busiest months, and I’m hoping that pattern continues this year, especially since summer was a little slow. But I did get a few things out in August and September. Here they are:

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Summer Work

Image c/o Gratisography

Summer. Work. I’ve never quite outgrown childhood’s summer vacation mentality, and it’s even harder now that I have kids of my own who get 10 weeks off. It’s a challenge to coordinate their freedom with my work, but I like to think I manage it with the grace and style pictured here.

Um, anyway, I have had a few things published so far this summer. Read on to see what you’ve missed.

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Previously, on the internet

photo by Gratisography

I recently wrapped up a government contract writing PMPs (project management plans – yes, I speak some PMBOK) and legislative packages. Based on conversations with my government coworkers, I think they imagine my non-office life to look something like the photo to the left. And while the fashion sense may not be much better, real life is a whole lot busier.

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Recent Work


Photo from

It’s not the most professional image to accompany a list of recent publications, but it beautifully illustrates the haphazard nature of late summer freelance work. You’ve got the tools, you’re getting the work done, but there’s a certain … something … that’s missing. After an intense spring, I backed way off this summer. I did a lot of camping, made it to a couple music festivals, caught up with some friends (and my kids!) who wondered where I’d been all spring. I made deadlines and maintained connections with key clients, but I didn’t pursue new work.”Taking it easy” doesn’t mean “taking time off,” though. Here’s what I published in late summer.

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Elsewhere on the Web

January was a bit of a slow month, since I spent most of December visiting family and entertaining kids over the holiday vacation instead of pitching new stories. But I wrote a few things that showed up on the internet, and if you’re interested, here they are.  Continue reading

Strictly For the Completist

IMG_20150331_180828851Looking at my own garden, it’s hard to believe I’m supposed to be an expert. I certainly do let life get in the way of the consistency that gardens (like children) require to thrive. But I do have an M.S. in horticulture that has been growing dusty on a bookcase somewhere, and rather than let it go completely to waste, I have begun writing for a website called Dave’s Garden. I’m collecting pdfs of those articles here on the blog on a Stuff I Wrote page. If you have any interest in gardening, maybe you’d like to read some of them. I’ll try to update this page with new articles every month or so.