Unidentified Playing Musician


I have no idea what concert this is from.


Edda of Angist



Angist is one of my favorite death metal bands, in large part due to Edda’s inhuman growl that sometimes give way to an eerie black metal wail. Although they don’t play live terribly often (the local scene just isn’t big enough to support a ton of heavy metal shows) I have had the good luck to see them perform each of the three times I’ve been to Iceland. This photo is from the first time – an official Airwaves show at a bar called Amsterdam in 2012.

Solstafir Seven


Solstafir at Barboza in Seattle December 2014

Yesterday I saw Solstafir at El Corazon. It was Mother’s Day, and I’m sure I’ll do some kind of post about that later. For once, I didn’t spend half the show trying to get usable photos and I didn’t run a narrative in my head drafting the review I would write in the morning. I just watched the show. Continue reading

Asgeir Trausti in a Pub


My most popular post ever was about watching too many Asgeir Trausti sets at Iceland Airwaves in 2012. One of those shows was in a German pub so packed I couldn’t get close enough to take a good picture. In fact, I could only see the stage by standing on a bench. Even then, for part of the show a man standing directly in front of me blocked my view. Welcome to the Nordic countries, shorty!

Over the weekend I saw Asgeir four more times, and I saw two other shows in the same venue. One of them was a father/son duo playing chillwave; there was lots of room to spread out. The other was the band Reykjavik! That show was even more crowded than Asgeir, but I made it to the front anyway, had a blast, and left with torn clothes soaked through with other peoples’ sweat.

When I search that street on Google maps, I can’t find that German pub anymore. It looks like it has been replaced by a joint called The Dubliner.

Rocking the Pylsur



For many years, I opted out of rock concerts. Then I went to Airwaves in 2012, where I fell off the vegetarian wagon in the wee hours of morning at the famous Baejarins Beztu hot dog stand. The hot dog was only a momentary lapse, but the concert-going stuck. A few weeks after I got home I saw Rose Windows, Pollens, and Cave Singers at the Showbox, and passed by this late night hot dog stand without the slightest temptation.

Feeling The National and Frightened Rabbit at the Paramount

With The National and Frightened Rabbit sharing the stage, I knew it would be a night for feeling all the feels. And it was. But not quite in the way I expected.   Continue reading