Story Blocks

blocksIf we learn all we need to know about life in kindergarten, then first grade must be when we learn how to be professional writers. At least that’s what my daughter’s first grade class is learning. Her public elementary school in Seattle recently invited parents to come and watch an hour of a normal day in class to see how our kiddos spend the day. The scheduled hour was the time of day labeled “literacy” on the schedule in my daughter’s classroom. I went, I watched, and I learned how to write.  Continue reading

Blue Cheese … And Then

800px-Salad_dressingI think blue cheese salad dressing is the key to good storytelling.

Blue cheese was my favorite dressing when I was growing up, until I found out the “blue” was mold. There were streaks of decay in my favorite food! It was almost enough to make me stop eating it. But it was so good I couldn’t resist, and eventually I realized that I didn’t like blue cheese despite the mold, but because of it. The characteristic blue cheese tang came from the mold. The decay threaded throughout the cheese was part of the perfection. Continue reading