GemmaGravitarIn the opera Tales of Hoffmann, the nemesis tries to insult the hero by calling him a “scribbler for hire.” Of course the point of the story is that Hoffmann creates works of great (paid for) beauty from his chaotic life.

My life is less dramatic than Hoffmann’s, but my road has taken a few turns, and I too am proud to be a scribbler for hire. Most recently I was a staff writer for local government producing such riveting titles as “Internal Communications Plan” and “An Ordinance Relating to Solid Waste Management.” Now I am a freelance writer scribbling commissioned work with as much passion as Hoffmann.

As I follow my own crooked road I discover some wonderful views. When I do, I like to write about them here. I still find a creative challenge in writing the practical documents that organizations need to keep running smoothly. I write about arts and family at ParentMap, where my work contributed to a 2016 Silver Overall Writing award from the Parenting Media Association (PMA), a national non-profit representing the family media market for nearly 30 years. I also write about local independent music for websites like Three Imaginary Girls.

Email me at gemmadee2003@gmail.com if you’d like to find out how I can help you talk about the view from where you stand.

If you are interested in seeing more of my work, take a look at Stuff I Wrote.

Want to read more of my thoughts on Hoffmann? Click here.


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