I love when unintentional themes pop up in my Twitter feed. As evidenced by infrequent blog posting, I’ve been swamped with work lately (yay!) so this old screen capture of a Twitter theme of getting more work done seemed appropriate.


Atlas of an Anxious Man


Is it an atlas of the man himself, or an atlas of the world as seen by the anxious man? Is the anxious man author Christoph Ransmayr, and why is he anxious? Atlas of an Anxious Man does not concern itself with the answers to such questions. This unusual piece of travel writing does not double as personal memoir or destination porn; we never learn what kind of trip the narrator is taking, and rarely discover why he has selected these particular destinations, what he is doing there, or who his traveling companions are. Continue reading

Ticket Season Part Four: What I Bought

Spring is ticket season. Season ticket season, that is. I’ve already talked about the temptations of season tickets to Seattle OperaPacific Northwest Ballet, and Seattle Children’s Theatre. The truth is, I will try to attend as many performances by each of these worthy organizations as I can, but I did not buy season tickets to any of them. What did I ultimately spend my own money on? Continue reading