The name Bend, Oregon always sounds a little like a dirty joke to me. But this photo of downtown Bend proves it’s a wholesome little town.


Harvest Celebration


Thanksgiving is essentially a harvest celebration. This year, the hot weather threw me off and I didn’t really have a harvest in my home garden. But this picture proves 2013 was a much better year.

New Old World

NewOldWorldCover I don’t remember where I first read about New Old World by Pallavi Aiyar, but I do remember that I stopped reading and immediately put a hold on the book at the library. And I’m so glad I did because it might be the best book I’ve read all year. New Old World was eye opening in the same way that the novel The Life of Octavian Nothing was for me – it changed my perspective on something I thought I already knew, and I will never look at it the same way again. Continue reading

Free Books in My Mail

OCTARCS3In the two months since my last Mailbag post, I’ve received a lot of new ARCs, and as usual, I haven’t deserved them. Although there were a couple of books that could have been thoughtful gifts from people who know me well, most of them were merely tangential to my interests, and a couple were completely random. Since I’m not going to read them all and do them justice with a thoughtful review, the least I can do to is shine a light on their existence in the hopes that one of you will find something interesting to read this month. Continue reading