October Clips: Will Work for Tickets

photo by Gratisography.com

Remember that bit in Shakespeare in Love about losing one’s wife at the theater? My family might have felt that way last month, when I did a fair bit of reviewing both here on the blog and for publications. But I also wrote about law and family and my other usual topics. Details after the fold. Continue reading


Back to School Work

I’ve never outgrown the school/summer vacation cycle, and having school-aged kids has reinforced it. With kids underfoot, it’s hard to cram work in around my summertime “activities director” role. September means back to school(work) and schedules get hectic again. So far, October and November have been my busiest months, and I’m hoping that pattern continues this year, especially since summer was a little slow. But I did get a few things out in August and September. Here they are:

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Summer Work

Image c/o Gratisography

Summer. Work. I’ve never quite outgrown childhood’s summer vacation mentality, and it’s even harder now that I have kids of my own who get 10 weeks off. It’s a challenge to coordinate their freedom with my work, but I like to think I manage it with the grace and style pictured here.

Um, anyway, I have had a few things published so far this summer. Read on to see what you’ve missed.

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Previously, on the internet

photo by Gratisography

I recently wrapped up a government contract writing PMPs (project management plans – yes, I speak some PMBOK) and legislative packages. Based on conversations with my government coworkers, I think they imagine my non-office life to look something like the photo to the left. And while the fashion sense may not be much better, real life is a whole lot busier.

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Words of Summer

In English we say “busy as a bee,” but in Japanese the industrious insect is the dragonfly. Whatever simile you want to use, I’ve been a working bug – as evidenced by the fact that I haven’t posted to published work since April! As the list that follows will demonstrate, that’s not because I haven’t been writing, it’s because I’ve been too busy writing to write about it. There’s a lot of work here that I’m proud of – and I’m proud of how much work there is here. I hope you find something you like.

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A Brief Wondrous Read – Oscar Wao


Since I started hanging out with writers, I’ve discovered that I don’t read the Right Sort of Books. Even though I read all the time, and don’t spend too much time in the genre ghettos, I never seem to have read the authors that everyone is buzzing about, or the ones that get included in MFA curricula, or the ones that authors cite as influences in interviews, or any of the books in those online “how well-read are you” quizzes. Sometimes I’m left wondering, “Well, what have I read?”

Once I took an online quiz about modern Japanese authors, and got a whopping six out of ten – a record for me in online book quizzes. I mentioned it to another writer friend, “I guess what I have been reading is modern Japanese fiction,” I said with some relief (after all, what an impressive niche, right?)

“Ooh,” she responded excitedly, “What did you think about the new Ishiguro?”

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