Pay to Play

ratt11Or, What I Did on My Summer Vacation.

Remember the ’80s, when bands had to pay clubs to play? As a woman, and as a writer, I think about that a lot.

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Euphonious Bucket List

Aluminum-Ice-BucketBucket lists are all over the place these days. Last year, I wrote a bucket list on this blog, but I never looked at it again. (Oops, adding the hyperlink I realized it was two years ago.) As much as I love to make lists, the bucket list just doesn’t resonate with me. Except for one bucket list that I carry around in my heart. Here’s how it started.

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Hip Hop Heart Garden


Just a random DJ performing outdoors in November in the park known as Heart Garden in downtown Reykjavik. In a complete misunderstanding of what tourists (and residents) want, developers have torn up this guerilla cultural center in the heart of the city to make another corporate hotel.

Stuff I Wrote Lately

My blogging has taken a hit in 2015 as I have spent more time on writing things I get paid for. Sometimes I add links to these paid things on the Stuff I Wrote page, but sometimes I forget and fall behind. I recently updated Stuff I Wrote, as well as some of the Complete Contributions pages where I get all obsessive about documenting everything I ever wrote. But if you’re just wondering what I’ve done lately, here are links to things that ran in August and September.

I didn’t go to Bumbershoot this year, and whined about the reasons why here on the blog. But I snarked about Bumbershoot’s rejection of families at ParentMap, too.

After I wrote a couple stories about movies for ParentMap this summer, they gave me a movie column! It’s only for the autumn, and then we’ll see if it draws enough clicks to continue, but I am already having so much fun with it.


Better than the Book

I usually think the book was better but for this one I rounded up a list of book adaptations whose quality rivals the source material.

Coming Soon

A round up of the family-friendly theatrical releases in theaters now and looking forward through the end of the year.

I reviewed the first rep of Pacific Northwest Ballet’s new season, “See the Music.” (Spoiler: I loved it.) I also reviewed the Broadway revival of “Annie” at the Paramount. (Spoiler: Better than the movie.)

Nonfiction Novel Titles

ThinkingWomanCoverThird Place Books in Lake Forest Park, Washington is a destination bookstore. In fact, it kind of is Lake Forest Park. There’s not really much else there except this giant, awesome bookstore. So after years of meaning to, I finally made the 40 minute trek out of the city to visit this bookstore. Needless to say, dozens of dollars were spent. Among the books in my haul was a book titled A Lady Cyclist’s Guide to Kashgar. No, I am not planning a bicycle tour along the Silk Road (although Kashgar definitely belongs on my Euphonious Bucket List). In fact, the book is a novel. But I am simply defenseless against a title like that. Continue reading

Join the Club

I tried running a book club in grad school, but after a few months we gave up pretenses and started drinking in bars. I do wish I could talk about books sometimes with people who have also read them. But the truth is, clubs are hard for me, with their set meeting times and leaving of houses. Now I think I’ve found a book club that will work for me. Continue reading

D. Randall Blythe at Showbox SoDo


In 2012, I excitedly bought tickets to see Lamb of God and Gojira play Showbox SoDo. What a lineup! But LoG was unable to play that show, as Blythe was indisposed. When they finally came through about six months later, there was no way I was going to miss it. But I wasn’t the only one stoked, and this was as close to the stage as I got. A decent zoom lens could have handled it, but Showbox doesn’t allow detachable lenses. Boo!