Ticket Season, Part Three: Seattle Children’s Theatre

“I love tickets!” squeals Cameron Diaz’s character in the first Charlie’s Angels movie. (And why has no one ever made a gif of that?) It’s supposed to illustrate what an eccentric character she is, but I understand completely. I love tickets. And spring is ticket season. Season-ticket season, to be precise. All of the arts organizations announce their upcoming seasons, tickets go on sale, and I spend hours each spring planning what I will be doing on Saturday nights all next winter. I’ve already written about next season’s offerings at Seattle Opera and Pacific Northwest Ballet. Now let’s talk about Seattle’s best theater.


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Published in March

From the awesome Gratisography.com

From the awesome Gratisography.com

In March, most of my work involved endless revisions of technical documentation only a solid waste engineer could love. It’s good money and flexes writing muscles I don’t often use anymore, but I don’t think most of you are solid waste engineers, so I’m not going to share any of that here. But as I reviewed my work flow spreadsheets and invoices for the month of March, I was pleased to see that my output of charming web-based articles continued apace, and was reminded that I got to write about some pretty interesting stuff.  Continue reading

Mother Stump


A nurse log is a fallen tree that facilitates the growth of seedlings as it decays. This stump is providing the same service. We took this picture on a camping trip, but you can see a beautiful example of a nurse log at Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park in downtown Seattle.

You may be a cartoon villain if…


The other day my kids made me watch Descendants. I’m a fan of the fractured fairy tale, so I liked the premise: a generation after all the fairy tale villains have been banished, the new king invites their children to return to the kingdom, where they must decide for themselves whether to integrate into society or play to type. Unfortunately, the execution was everything one could have hoped from a made-for-TV Disney movie, complete with a live action “hip hop” cover of “Be Our Guest.” Despite my best efforts to follow the family rule of “no complaining when it’s not your turn to pick the movie,” I couldn’t resist giving it a bit of the MST3K treatment. Apparently, I cackle when I crack myself up, which resulted in my being compared to the Evil Queen. Which got me thinking… Continue reading