October by the Numbers

Time for another round of blog statistics! Read on for links to the most popular posts of the month and a list of intriguing search terms that led readers down this Crooked Road.

Top Posts:

(Probably the return of a certain Icelandic folk singer is due to his sold out show here in Seattle this month – that I missed!)

I personally have high information needs, so I go to a lot of trouble to find useful links about the topics I write about. I always like to see what readers are actually curious enough about to click for more information. Turns out, they rarely are, but here are the

Top three outgoing clicks:


There was a lot of overlap in this month’s top search terms. In the top 10:

  • 3 were variations on the question of Asgeir’s dating status (Why does this always come up, instead of searches about his music? Is it because I put “Stalking” in my title?)
  • 3 were variations searching for Angelica Generosa in PNB’s production of Jewels
  • reykjavik swimming pool

Among the more unusual search terms this month:

  • I won’t quote directly for fear of generating further search results but it involved my name and documents of an explicit nature that are usually saved as a jpg file type  (the mind reels)
  • how does will in through black spruce go into a coma
  • hop her (I have no idea…)
  • don giovanni and what is the opera about (omigosh, I think I’m being used as a source for a school paper)

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